Market Wednesday, September 23

Hi Everyone,


Can you believe we're down to just 2 markets left this season?  Now's the time to take advantage of all of the fresh

local produce that's offered.  I've lost count of the number of different tomatoes there have been to choose from the

last few weeks.  Every week seems to bring a new fresh fruit to get.  I'm sure we're all going to wish we got more

while we all could!  Even if your running late from work or running around for practices, you can make a quick stop

at our convenient location.


The Farm Stand Food Truck is back again.  Have you tried the Barbecue Chicken Basket yet?


This week we welcome back Elsa so sing and take pictures with her fans at 4:15.  At 5:15, the Chapman Brothers are

back.   Yarrow is scheduled to share is balloon art with us.


The vendors for the week are:

Arrowhead Farm with the awesome fruit selection and beautiful flowers and tomatoes.

Farmer Dave's and fresh corn, melons, squashes, and variety of apples (news flash, Dave's accepts some credit cards)

Maple Pot Honey Farm has local honey and maple syrup

Deano's Pasta, preorder by leaving a message on their Facebook page or get here early to assure your best choices

Seafood Express is another vendor you can order ahead if you want or come see what this week's selection is.

Chef Mike has his barbecue sauces and his own cookbook

Razzy's has such a large selection its hard to make a decision, but the apple pie pizza is a fan favorite

Swiss Bakers comes with many choices too, but the pretzels seem to be the first to go most weeks.

Brownie's Barkery is making their last visit for the season so come stock up on those treats for your pets.

Seaside Duet has handmade jewelry for your enjoyment.



Thank you for your continued support.  Let's end the season strong!


See you Wednesday,


Ken & Margie